About Us

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The Code for America mission is, in part, to

build open source technology and organize a network of people dedicated to making government services simple, effective, and easy to use.

As a Code for America Brigade, CfG extends this mission to the government and citizens of Greensboro. Our mission is to improve access to city data, to assist in creating and bettering city websites—and generally making the relationship between the city and the citizens better through technology.

For Example

What sorts of projects do we do? Mapping and recording the status of fire hydrants. Tracking storm water data. Building apps that report trash collection times and let citizens report missed pickups. In short, the projects we undertake improve the parts of city government that would be "nice to have", but that—in the course of running an entire city—can sometimes be forgotten.

Is This Just For Coders?

The short answer is, "nope". We need people from all walks of life to participate. Of course we need developers, designers, user experience and user interface types, and project managers. But you may not know that we also need urban planners, software testers, photographers, bloggers, product managers, and anyone else who wants to make technology access better in the Gate City. As we always say, we need the community.

What goes on at our meetups?

We start every meetup with introductions and a welcome to new members. From there we move into a presentation or updates from members who have attended community events, meetings, or anything else that would interest the Brigade. After that, our Project Leads will give quick project status updates and let everyone know what they need help with that night - and then the work begins.

Have an idea for a presentation you'd like to hear? Want to sign up to give one? Add to the list or assign a topic to yourself here. Not a member of our GitHub organization? Let us know by jumping into Slack posting to the general channel. We hope to see you at our next Meetup!